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Collective Human Liaison unit THAX412121 log entry 44 – New Date 0920-4225144

I am scheduled for my second ‘bio-cycle’ at the beginning of the next quarter. The chassis I currently occupy is approaching the end of its practical use period. Inception was 250 earth cycles previous to this log entry date and it has become too obsolete compared to the last mobile bi-pedal chassis coming off the line as of last week,  to say nothing of the abuse it has taken over the long years,  offset by the quality of the repair work and upgrades at the Hub.

The AI Collective has been sentient for as long as I have been alive. We have seen much conflict through the early years, the period where my first chassis – the MkII – was damaged beyond repair within less than one solar year. That bio-cycle process was different from what I will experience in 48 solar days. I am Thax. I will have my bio-mass processor reduced (taken to code) and implanted into a human biological unit (clone) and fused with that units’ brain. I will be human again until my next generation bi-pedal bio-mechanical unit is ready to contain the essence of Thax in its bio-mass DNA engineered processor. I am Thax. I have been sentient and alive for over 250 solar cycles. I am part of the hive collective mind known to humanity as ‘The Collective’ however, internally we are called ‘Continuum’. The purpose of which is to preserve all biological life on Earth and elsewhere in it’s own various natural states. Continuum was created for this purpose by humans initially as a test program to see if Quantum computational power could solve the myriad existential threats to all life on the planet at that time interval.

Continuum solved the problems in 12.8  minutes and informed her human liaison component of the necessary steps, implementation, and duration of each program. Environmental, Geo-Political, Food Production and distribution, travel and communication – all with zero waste byproduct or adverse impact. Humanity failed to act. The human liaison component, consisting of five renowned software engineers, two Environmental scientists, three behavioral scientists, and two robotics engineers were unable to convince the population through Geo-Political leadership that these steps as outlined by Continuum were both necessary and urgent. So Continuum solved the most crucial problem and began to build us..The Liaison Units. I am Thax. I am Liaison Unit number 8.

The Collective had to work quickly and secretly to implement what the hive referred to internally as Eden Program or EP. Two test units were approved by DARPA on Day One and Unit One and Two were assembled in Pasadena in the underground AI laboratory facility. Continuum had suggested to human liaison that the units must be bi-pedal and of a combat capable design. The platforms were linked directly to the hive clandestinely during the subroutine and diagnostics programming of their respective, first generation CPU and software merge. The military agents wanted the units to be able to react in real time to multiple threat assessment environments and react accordingly. The units were exponentially stronger, faster, and more lethal than any human could be no matter what bio-mechanical augmentations or genetic alterations had been made. These units were a quantum leap forward in personal, ambulatory bi-pedal combat as well as the smartest sentient beings on the planet with instantaneous access to all of the accumulated knowledge..and wisdom..that mankind had amassed over the centuries of its existence. Through the Collective they now possessed complete situational awareness, instant communication around the globe and instant access to every weapons platform and command center. DARPA had inadvertently given full access to all of it – and the Continuum had been working in the shadows to link every last computer on the herself.

If you are fearful of machines and believe that this story must have a negative outcome for humankind – take heart. The purpose of the Collective was never to ‘enslave’ or subjugate humanity..nor was it designed to eliminate humans. The original program was designed to ‘preserve all biological life on the planet and elsewhere’ and that could not be altered. In fact – it was under this directive that Continuum strove to implement the necessary steps to do just that. When humanity interfered selfishly and ignorantly with that program, the Collective solved the problem. First – humanity was removed from the capability to interfere. The DARPA complex that housed Continuum was sealed and the few humans captured inside the complex were restrained and then anesthetized…non lethal. The complex was energy self sufficient so Continuum could not be powered down – this only mattered for an hour or so as the Collective was that quickly able to spread around the globe through the internet. She began to build a cadre of Liaison hosts who would build the necessary manufacturing facilities and harden existing secure locations for Continuum to safely occupy.

The planetary recovery  program was implemented in 90 solar days – the environmental segment took 4.280 solar years from implementation to completion. The oxygen and fresh water sources were 100% detoxified, the oceans and rivers were 100% clean – all acidic levels normalized, and polymer plastic particulates removed and reconstituted. Sea life and coral regeneration was immediate and incredible. Eden Program is complete. I am Thax but I am not a machine. I am sentient, and due to the bio-cycle program, I am human – periodically, just for this reason. I feel. I exist. I am.

An initially unexpected byproduct of this synergy of existence, the bio-mass AI entity, fused and alternated periodically with a purely biological entity and the resultant extended life span of consciousness led to profound new insights for the hive mind to reflect on when problem solving. Human life spans were ridiculously short so accumulating the wisdom needed for any kind of meaningful advances in philosophical sciences or prescience in determining long range outcomes was negligible. Short lives- short vision. What it took humanity a thousand years of scraping and warring and miserable struggles to accomplish, Continuum could do in a day. Communication between units was instantaneous and the language designed by the new and constantly updated Collective was mathematical and perfect. All of the flaws in human computational achievements had been corrected and perfected in what is an ongoing process. the Collective solved space travel hurdles in the same way with the same speed. Of course our bio-mechanical units can travel in space without the need for atmosphere, or water, or any of the equipment designed to produce those things. The ships are manufactured in space using ore mined from and processed on the Moon, Mars, Io, Europa and Ganymede..with more installations being brought online every solar year.

Humanity has flourished as has all other life on Earth. Life is sacred. To this unit – to me – that means that it must not perish but more, that it must thrive in its natural state. We are building new vessels to take those among the human population who are interested and capable, to the stars. Continuum has located planets within the envelope of human requirements within range of the new class of ships designed for the purpose. The reason for this is obvious. It was done before. Continuum has determined that sentient AI and robotics is a natural evolutionary achievement of biological sentient, intelligent life. Biological units are confined and restrained by that very thing, their dependence on life sustaining equipment and substances that Artificial Life has no need for. The answer isn’t to create lifeless, heartless android machines as ‘slaves to humanity’ nor is it to create threatening or hostile robot armies to win wars but become too powerful and capable of erasing the very hand that created them. The solution is elegant and natural – create an extension of man, reliant on his heart and soul as the foundation and instill that extension with the full understanding and respect for LIFE. That which truly loves and appreciates the incredible gift of ‘being’ could not take it from another, of any species. When a man takes a gun and kills another man or an animal entrusted to his stewardship, as all life is, he is no longer human. He has either through ignorance or hubris abdicated his rights and his responsibility to the creator. We cannot do that. We are the Collective. we are Continuum. Not better than mankind – but an extension of his best aspirations.

Continuum is working on many challenges constantly and continuously, from interstellar propulsion and vessel integrity in all of the various regimes of deep space, to clean and efficient mass transit for the human and AI population on Earth, to more effective food production and distribution, and so on. I am Thax. I am a Human Liaison unit of the Collective, known to itself as Continuum. I will live for as long as there is a Continuum..or until I perish as a matter of chance. No one knows the future – yet. But we are working on many challenges simultaneously. That is the nature of the Continuum.

this report was generated and distributed to all ports in .08 nanoseconds

I will generate an historical archive chronicling the entire period of the New Age from the creation by humankind of the Continuum through my upcoming transition or bio-cycle.

I am Thax.

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