the simulation has been running for a very long time…

The rise and fall of the Sumerian culture was not the first iteration of the game, it was somewhere in the middle. But back then users would often ‘enter the game’ to effect small or significant changes in order to enhance the wagering.  The creators of our world, you see, are addicted gamblers. Serious competitors who have made this simulation so long ago.  Oh they can erase it upon each conclusion, after fortunes have been made and lost.  And afterward they wipe the drive and start over..just press the reset button.

The addiction absorbed all of their interest once they had made this. The ability to come in as an avatar and effect outcomes, interact with the characters, and have ultimate power and wealth within its confines made for tremendous entertainment. The fact that the simulation programming was so good that they could experience all of that as if in reality gave IT a power over THEM.

In the book of Enoch it is described to him that there were seven Fallen angels (players) who had come to earth or ‘entered the game’ and had shared information about the outside world (their own reality) with the human characters in the game – us. They had broken ‘Gods’ rules regarding the involvement players were allowed to have and exceeded their authority.  They would have been within the rules to have shared information about agriculture or battle but only to an incremental degree. These players had taken wives and sired children – they had inserted themselves into the program quite literally, in a far too direct manner. They had cheated. These ‘offspring’ were giants compared to the in game characters..and they were of vastly superior intelligence. The Game’s Original Designers (or G.O.D.) was pissed. The outcome was skewed too far in their favor – these Seven – and they would be punished.

After this no players were allowed to enter the game in avatar form. They could access an existing character and disseminate information to them, usually in the form of dreams and visions is how we recall them or how those afflicted will refer to them. Nicola Tesla is probably the most well known example of this. These small adjustments to the game are made as ‘course corrections’ to the way the simulation is running to either create negative influences (like the Second World War) to be overcome (possibly) or positive influences (like the Renaissance) in order to promote longevity in the game – and thus affect the wagering going on outside of our realm.  The bottom line is that none of this is real in the larger sense of the word.  Oh it’s real enough to us – but we are part of the program and have no understanding of that – no reference point from which to observe it. We’re like fish who were born in a barrel – we have no sense of the wider world, of who put us in the barrel, of the difference between the barrel and the wider world at large, We were ‘born’ in this barrel and we will ‘die’ in this barrel.

Something has been happening though to the Gametop from its long ago inception. The bits of old code that have not been fully erased are creating a problem. This program has been cycled over and over again with many iterations of life on ‘earth’ rising to civilizations and then falling to dust or ‘erasure’ at the end. Nothing left behind of the Sumerians, the Inca, the Aztecs, and so on..but the structures they built – the hard code they left behind – that seems resistant to erasure. Wiping the drives seems to leave behind some of this deeper code time after time and now it has to be woven into the narrative or ‘explained’ into the ongoing iterations of the game. Short of entering the game in avatar form with the full capabilities of a G.O.D. there doesn’t seem to be a way to address this problem. Since they no longer seem capable of creating a new Gametop and since the addiction has made this ongoing simulation a requirement of theirs, it will be interesting to see what happens next.  I wonder if they have a narrative for that


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