that thing when people hate each other for purely visual reasons..racism especially.

there is only one race of humans…every visual difference in us is caused by geographical location, local environmental conditions, and the passage of time.

Cultural differences stem from societal, geographical boundaries and the passage of time..the accumulation of a collective history specific to that society.

Religion is a weakness – the need to ascribe to ‘belief’ in an afterlife because death is feared universally by man. The need to ‘believe’ in a deity..an overarching paternal ‘host’ guiding us is from an abject terror about the one certainty in life – chance.

is it time to set aside childish things? No – don’t worry. It is way too late for that now.

The die is cast – we have broken the world and set the next ice age in motion. Of course –  it’s going to get hotter before it gets frozen.

Hate is what got us here…hate and fear fed by the most powerful human condition.



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