Hubris – the downfall of man

This idea that the Earth and Life are unique in the universe is ludicrous. It is born of our ridiculous hubris. Consider this: The planet we live on is one of hundreds of billions in our galaxy. The Milky Way is one of billions of star clusters in the universe as we know it to be. We also know that there are constant truths and rules that apply within our known universe, even if we don’t yet understand them all or how they correlate.

Consider the possibility that, along with the constants ‘gravity’ or ‘gravitational force’ , the concept of ‘time’, even as it appears to be correlated to the effects of gravity and space itself – thus causing Albert Einstein to refer to it as ‘space-time’ – meaning one cannot exist without the other..we also have ‘energy’ typically in the form of heat and light, but also in the form of or related to gravitational energy, or dark energy..and so on.

But I propose that Life is also part of the ‘energy’ constant of our universe.

We know that ice and liquid water exists throughout our universe – the water of life. We know that microscopic and basic biological elements can thrive in frozen as well as molten environments, and we know that where suitable conditions can be met -such as here on Earth – life will always thrive and evolve.

In a limitless universe of space and time, doesn’t it seem imperative given the facts as we know them, that life is NOT unique?  Imagine for a moment that life is as integral and fundamental to our universe as is space, time, gravity, and energy. That we are NOT unique.. that we set aside ego and hubris and the notion that we are ‘special’ beyond the element of chance and take a hard look at what we know to be true.

Humans are slow witted – searching the cosmos for sentient life when we know there is sentient life of other species here on earth. The African elephant, the porpoise, many primates and more have demonstrated language capability and self awareness. But it can be chalked up to hubris that this is disregarded. We MUST be unique and special in our minds because of our hubris and ego.

If space time is endless, and ice and water are ubiquitous, and light and heat are the natural result of trillions of stars, and all but a few of those stars have planetary bodies revolving around them thanks to the force of gravity – then doesn’t it seem foolish to ‘believe’ that we are alone? unique? special?

For me this is a comfort – not a source of fearful worry. We are not an aberration to the cosmos but rather a REQUIREMENT of it.  A natural and relevant part of this universe. We have the ability to reason – to consider all possibilities..and for that I am thankful.

Set aside hubris and think of yourself truly as PART of everything rather than apart from everything and tell me you don’t feel a thousand times better for it.

This is a universe full of life – it is an elemental force of the universe as we know it – and we are part of it all. I will always be grateful for the ability to comprehend that. For the life, for the sentience, and for the reasoning to be able to set aside the blinders of hubris and ego and religious dogma and see that we are part of something so vast and perfectly endless.  That we are not some lonely aberration – a single speck of dust in a chasm of soulless emptiness.

I would even suggest that this is the very purpose of our universe – to ENSURE the creation and sustenance of life. That this is why all of the elements for it exist and are constantly renewed as time goes on.


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