trump the asshole

I am so tired of the democrats and national media (aside from the gop propaganda ministry at fox) saying they can’t put a finger on any one transgression of trump’s and commit to impeachment.

It’s like looking for snowballs in an avalanche.

What they all need to realize is that it is all ONE THING.

From his failures with North Korea, to his failures with Iran, to his failure with the Kremlin, to his failure with China, To his lies to the People regarding the cost of tariffs, about the debt and deficit resulting from that disgusting tax legislation, to his failure with Puerto Rico and now the Bahamas in hurricane disaster efforts, and on and on and on – an AVALANCHE of chaos that in any other time would have been enough to inspire impeachment proceedings without delay. Please – Democrats – approach it as ONE THING and stop trying to parse through it. This is chaos and that is reason enough to remove the shit stain.

Trump is a disgrace. He is corrupt beyond the point of criminality. He is mentally unsound. He is immoral. He is UNFIT..for anything – not just the highest office in the land..but any job of consequence. The fact that we have the proof of all of it in his twitter feed makes it dumbfounding to our allies that we have done NOTHING about this already.

And another thing – all these republican assholes who have resigned or decided not to run in 2020 are not showing strength of character. They are not demonstrating resistance to the absolute shit show they are responsible for in the first place. It takes no great determination or merit to walk away from one’s obligations. I would instead equate it with spiritual flatulence. It’s an infantile reaction to one’s own accountability to run and hide from consequences,not a demonstration of ethical or moral certitude.

I am happy that they have all chosen to cut and run for the hills – in the nearest term it can only mean more Democrats will win seats on the Hill – but I would like to hear more Democrats punishing this behavior and calling it out. I hope one of these contenders will realize that this is what the People need to see. One clear message that it is no one thing trump has done that makes him unfit – it is ALL that trump has done since taking the oath of office. And that the gop is as much to blame for his shit as he is.

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