all out of champagne in the kremlin

Brexit was and remains an active campaign by the russian government to destabilize the UK and the European Union. To separate the European Allies from each other and weaken NATO.

It is part of the same campaign that has installed trump at the top of our US government and it was undertaken along the same lines – the same ‘order of battle’

Money funneled to top govt officials, disinformation directed at the democratic populations of the Nations who are targeted, and the election processes and parties hacked to gain ammunition to use in broad social media attacks to discredit viable candidates who would impair putin’s influence around the globe.

A major component was to have the US president tear apart trade agreements between the US and our NATO partners, and China. A president who would actually DISPARAGE NATO and defend russia from political liability for its interference campaign. A president who would betray allies on the battlefield and hand whole regions of the globe over to putin and his allies. A president who represents a Clear and Present Danger to the United States.

It is all one campaign. It has worked and continues to do irreparable damage to the West and to the only opposition to russian aggression on the planet.

They’re all out of champagne in the kremlin – and it’s only getting worse for us as the damage deepens.

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