Capitalism and Opioids

If you were looking to understand the problem we are all having with capitalism as it is manifest today vs ‘socialism’ and how it is commonly and incorrectly defined or understood in America – then look no further than the pharmaceutical industry.

Without regulation and with the pure caprice of capitalist enthusiasm they have unleashed what amounts to a Pandemic for Profit onto the American people. They are killing off generations of American citizens, purely for profit, on a more massive scale than any influenza epidemic in recorded history.

Beyond the death toll, one must understand the number of children being left homeless – and remanded to overburdened foster care and hospice facilities – many unprepared or equipped or staffed to even begin to cope with it…and the costs will mount into the trillions of dollars. Enough to pose an existential threat to the safety and security of the United States. And apparently they are going to do this with no REAL consequence to themselves. Fiduciary settlements are welcomed by corporate giants because they represent no hardship. They just pass the costs on to us – the ‘consumers’.

This is the case with every corporation. An American aircraft mfg needlessly destroyed hundreds of families for generations with their 737 MAX debacle. Having no meaningful oversight meant they could just install a faulty and flawed flight control system and then complain that it was the pilot’s fault for not knowing how to manage it – even as their own pilots knew – yet struggled to control the airplanes. Now the problem that they created for themselves puts our Nation’s preeminence in global aviation at risk.

To put it simply – what we the People need to realize is that capitalism can and should be applied to the goods and services that people WANT – cars, houses, restaurants, clothes etc..should be the purview of capitalists. Let the open and free markets determine the worth of those things and let the quality and safety of the manufacturers be judged by comparison.

But the goods and services we MUST have for survival, for health and safety, for education and the strength of our society must be the purview of the People. We MUST remove profit taking and greed and corruption in the main from our access to these vital necessities. The pharmaceutical industry has proven they will feed like jackals on humanity for profit callously, with zero consideration for the People they are killing or the children they are orphaning…just as that same aircraft mfg has proven that without regulation or oversight, our vital corporate entities will fail to protect themselves where profits intersect with safety, reliability, reputation, or quality…and again – they will let people die KNOWING they could have prevented it.

It is on US to protect ourselves from these events. We do that first by understanding what ‘Socialism’ actually means. That it is no threat to capitalism in the main. That it merely means to apply the strength of our collective voice and will as a society to the issues that are of greatest importance to us.

We need to insist on the resurrection of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and establish harsh punishment for those entities who endanger the US by becoming ‘too big to fail’ because no one and no company should ever be above the law.

We need to remove money from politics and end Citizens United…I think it was a plot of foreign state actors to gain access nee control over our government. But plot or not  – that IS the undeniable outcome – just as the 44th President of the US told Congress and the Supreme Court it would be in his Address to the Union. Let the politicians succeed or fail on their appeal to the people and not on the millions of dollars they get from a handful of oligarchs who are as often foreign as domestic.

Lastly we need to get back to the job of deeply regulating our capitalist entities – all of them – because they have shown us in clear and living color – over and over again – that they WILL NOT do what they must for the public safety if it comes between them and a dollar. That they would instead INFLICT HARM ON US just for the money they take from it. They would – and they have – KILLED us for it. Beyond the shadow of a doubt. FACT.

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